I'm Going To College Soon!

Assalamualaikum wbt

hey everyone, how is it going? lately I've been really depressed, I didn't eat right, I never sit quietly, I never stop crying. But the positive side of me was, I never stop working out cause' that was the only was for me to let go my negative thinking. Ad I gotta say, I saw improvement on my body and I never feel so healthy :)

So yeah, as a kid who's about to get into college soon, I am pretty excited. I'm gladly to announce that I've been offered to IIUM, International Islamic University Malaysia, for Foundation of English. Well, actually my first choice was UITM for Foundation of TEASL , but I'm pretty grateful of what I already received. It was also kind of sad to see some of my friends weren't chosen to any universities that they applied to. oh yeah almost forgot, even before I even sat my foot into university, I've met so many new friends who's going to the same place on Twitter. I never feel so excited to go studying again after six months leaving my books at the dusty corner, hahaha. And the best part is, I'l be experiencing, driving my OWN car to college! this is the adventure that I've been waiting for! But first things first, I have to study abit for the EPT aka English Placement Test, so I can be in Band Six at college. So, on 7th June 2014, I'll be on my way to Petaling Jaya to register myself of becoming an official college student in IIUM. Pray me all the best guys!

Okay that's it guys. Hope you guys are excited to be reading more of my posts after I got into college. I'll be sharing my full experience at college so, who knows, maybe it'll be helpful for some new freshmans soon. toodles!