Saturday Picnic

Assalamualaikum wbt

Weekend strikes again! But sadly tomorrow's going to be Monday, so booooo. But then again, I had fun today! 

After having class discussion on group whatsapp and a lot of persuading, we finally decided to have a picnic together. (and also because that there were classes before us also had picnics, so why not we do it too right?) 

So early morning at 10am, (kind of early) Huzaimi, Afiq, Asyraff aka Cerah, Tasha, Fatin, Aima and me decided to move out early to get some breakfast and do some grocery shopping for the picnic. Arrived at Amcorp Mall by LRT to Taman Jaya. We had breakfast at Atap-Atap Restaurant and it was delicious. The service was great too. We got our food real quick, or maybe it was because there weren't many people there. I had myself white rice with chicken lemon, and yeah it was worth 15 minutes wait, I guess. We took photos and took off to Giant to buy our grocery. Since I told everyone I'll be making egg sandwiches, I bought bread, eggs and mayonnaise. While everyone else was buying nuggets and sausages. And oh yeah, I can't believe someone bought chili sauce too. 

We went back home to IPBA and prepared our food at the campus's surau. Oh forgot to mention that we had our own kitchen here at IPBA, so you can cook whatever you whenever you want. It's free to use! Everything you need are there, what's missing are the ingredients that you want to cook with. So anyway back to the topic, I prepared my sandwiches while most the guys helped us out by frying the nuggets and sausages. Once it's all complete, we all ran to the Kerinchi LRT station because we thought the clouds were going to pour out, but it didn't. 

Rode the LRT to KLCC and walked to Suria Park. We found the perfect spot and laid all of our foods there. And like usual, wemake fun of each other, but as for Azlan, he prefer to play his video games more than chatting with us. So, I tag along. And as our class tradition, we took photos, Lots and lots of photos. 
breakfast at Atap-Atap Restaurant

the girls


Happy meals makes happy people.

Assalamualaikum wbt
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