Relationships. (Confession II)

Define perfect relationship.
Fairy tales lie are the perfect relationship.
There's no such thing as relationship goals.
Just another disaster waiting to happen. 
Crying all night, wondering weren't you enough?
Why did he do that? Pleasure? Fun?
Is there something that I didn't do that she can?
Was I being too complicated for him to deal with?
"I ain't no gentleman."
"I don't do romantic."
"I don't do surprises."
"I don't like being mature in this relationship."
What are these that I have to deal with?
Are those jokes, but why was I offended?
I can't stand of his jokes anymore
It hurts.
I'm tired
At shouting and yelling
And quarreling and accusing
And threatening and 
crying alone.
And yet I'm crying now
Wondering was I not enough
All I ask was simple
I just want you to listen
Don't compare yourself to me
We're not the same
I'm not as strong as you
I couldn't keep smiling forever like you do
But there you are
Listen if it's the best for us
You're not always right
And I'm not either but
Doesn't mean that I'm always wrong
I can't keep up
I'm tired
This game is too strong
and yet
you're still playing and
I know how much you love winning
all the time
I'm crying again
"i'll never let you cry."
Was I not doing enough?
Where you're at?
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