Who Am I?

Can't believe I didn't slept yet. Just finish watching the movie Titanic. 
wanna know what bugs me the most in life? is that i never know who i am and I didn't even take a chance to figure it out. people always said what they saw I do, but is that actually me, i wonder? sometimes i think so and sometimes I don't. 
there's a whole lot big world out there that I didn't walk on. And a whole lot discovery to look into. Maybe that's how i find who i really am?
There's a whole loads of things that I haven't tried yet. And i never take the courage to do it. How am I supposed to know who i am again? i wonder
Live life the fullest. Be happy. Sure the world is a temporary setback, but that doesn't mean you're not allowing yourself to do things you want when it's right and good and happy, before you die, right? Heaven is a beautiful place to live the fullest and guaranteed, but the world is also providing things that we should probably do to make our life meaningful here before eternal life in the afterlife.
I don't know if this will be inspirational enough for me. but I'm just saying I don't want my life being old and worthless and later regret. And I don't want the people around me, the ones i love, felt the same. 
everyone has their own choice in life to be happy. it's time, i find mine. 
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