Saturday Picnic II

Assalamualaikum wbt
Saturday picnic again! It's been a while since our last picnic together. So today, two days after our first paper, which was Language Developement 1, our dear friend here decided to have a class picnic at Hutan Lipur Sungai Kanching. 

Early in the morning, we prepared our food at the campus's kitchen. The guys were frying sausages while the girls were frying rice. After everything was all set, we decided on our ride. which was Ruby's car, her best friend's car and Anis's car. It was half hour journey and we had fun along the way. Believe me, the best car pool I've ever had so far. 

And yeayyy we finally arrived, parked the cars, took our stuff and climbed up the stairs to where the picnic site actually is. When we got to the picnic site, man it was so breathtaking! (not saying there weren't any dudes there too, i was talking about the surrounding.) Imagine this. Tall trees everywhere; water flowing between the rocks, falling into the pool; birds and soft insects sound. You get the picture. 

As we're about to put down our stuff, we met ourselves with some "new friends". Instead of asking for food nicely, they end up stealing our food in pack. Man were we scared of them. So it was decided that the guys have to take turns watching over our stuff for us. Since everyone decided to play in the water, someone have to take charge right? 

Water wrestling, jump-diving, hold-your-breath competition, swimming, splashing each other. The guys even borrowed Ruby's shampoo to wash their hair. Everyone was feeling young again after having so much fun playing in the water. 

I'm really sorry that I have not much to tell. But it was really a long day and I really have no idea how to describe how our day was. If I got the power to record and playback my memory, I would love to let you guys see it too! I really gotta take a break now. I'm cold and got a major headache all of sudden. So, catch up later!
It took a while to climb up there just to capture this picture.

this was before everything began.

just enjoying the water.
photo credits by Ruby & Asyraff

Assalamualaikum wbt 
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