I am Grateful. (Year 2017)

Late at 2.00 am,
Suddenly all my life flashed before my eyes,
I took out my laptop and my hands started moving on its own,
Wanting to take this opportunity to be grateful
I have prayed and thank God for this gift He gave me
For all the hardships that I have been through for the past years.

I have learnt so much
Cried, screamed, running away from my problems
Led to me to the greatest future that awaits me.
I wish I could turn back time
To tell the ‘past’ me that it’s okay to cry,
To scream your heart out in the middle of the night
To let go of things along the way
Because you’re doing fine now.

Remember you said you might be left alone one day?
You’re actually made awesome friends right now, and they loved you so much.
Remember you said love was a stupid joke and you’re not gonna fall for it anymore?
You actually found someone who’s willing to do anything for you.
Remember you said how you wish to have those cool family pictures you saw on Instagram?
You’re actually got your own cool family photos saved in your laptop right now, TONS!
Remember you thought your dreams crushed in your face?
Guess what, the life goals you have right now are WAY better than those stupid dreams.
I am grateful of where I am now, so don’t worry alright?

We both learnt a lot, but yeah, we made it this far.
You’re stronger than you look.
Love yourself like how I am now.
Because you’re actually enjoying what life throws at you and live with it.
Thanks for standing strong to make me come this far,
I am really grateful.

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