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so tonight is Freestyle Friday, this is when i'll be making fiction short stories or just randomly shared what movie i just watched a few minutes ago. 

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first of all, i never ever get tired of watching this movie, EVER! you could say, i would probably saved this movie for future use, while cuddling with my husband on movie night. anyway, back to place, i L.O.V.E this movie so much! it's called Letter To Juliet, from the original story by Lise Friedman. okay, so this movie is about a girl named Sophie, who was supposed to be having a honeymoon with her fiance Victor, end up travelling all around Verona, to help an old lady Claire and his grandson Charlie, to find her lost love. it sounds romantic, doesn't it? looking for her lost love all the way across the sea, i mean literally, Claire was from England, and her lost love, Lorenzo, was from Italy. and she's an old lady, 65 years old!

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in that movie, everything is just romantic! in the beginning, you can actually tell the honeymoon was just not going to work for Sophie and Victor. I literally didn't like the guy from the start, i mean, he was just not the best listener for a girl like Sophie that is passionate about writing and sharing stories. Victor is a chef, yea, still think all Italian chefs are romantic? I was really glad Sophie get to go to Verona to discover what she was missing in the relationship that she really wants. i mean, Verona, where Romeo and Juliet was born, where love is portrait as unbreakable souls and two hearts beat as one. i never ever get tired of the play, but i really hate the ending as well. i really hope Shakespeare would have thought a better ending than dying and bloodshed.

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anyway, back to the movie, Sophie met with Claire, who wrote the letter to Juliet to ask for advice about her affections towards Lorenzo, that she thought was never meant to be due to her parents' disapproval. Sophie who found the letter, wrote back to her as Juliet's secretary, and Claire end up coming to Verona to search for her long lost love 50 years ago! along with her grandson, Charlie. and let me tell you, how charming a British man can be (especially their accent), but Charlie was totally different. he was not a total charmer technically, but physically, he is WOW indescribable.

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so, the three of them Sophie, Claire and Charlie traveled around Verona to look for Lorenzo. it wasn't easy, but Sophie was smart to shortlisted all the "Lorenzo Bartolini"s by predicting how far he could have moved from the last time Claire and he met. and well, along the way, Charlie who was a total stubborn, actually felt for Sophie, despite knowing that she's engaged. 

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the ending, yea, Claire actually found Lorenzo and got married too! Claire and Charlie, well, it took them long enough for them to realize they actually loved each other, undeniable to their feelings. oh, that was my favorite part. Charlie literally went all 'romeo' confessing his love to Sophie from under the balcony. it was heart-melting, i cried like crazy! i actually felt like Charlie was talking to me! yea, i screeched like a lil girl, so what, it was romantic okay.

i really recommended to everyone to watch this movie, especially with a special someone, because i know i will! before i end this, i would like to share you my favorite quote from the movie itself:
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