Late Night (Confession IV)

you know that feeling when you can't sleep, and suddenly you have all these millions thoughts that came out from nowhere? yea, let's talk about my millions thoughts at 3AM.

for the moment, I wanna be grateful of so far, my life is completely in order. more like back into place. and for this, I am so grateful for the people that has been a part of it.

So here's my million thoughts of the night: Friendship. looking back before I got this far into my life, I have pretty much go through loads of ups and downs, and believe me, i wasn't as strong as I am now. but, like they say, if you can make a change out of it, you'll be fine. and again, to get this far, i was pretty observant over everything that happened around me. i took notes (in my head, duh.) about how people make friends, what language they used, what topic they talked about, how they control their attitude, when and where is the best place for you to be crazy or polite. i was obsessed over everything everyone do, and start "coyping" a few things from it. i know i know, i sound like a crazy person. but hey, it worked pretty well in the end. but, there were things that i did "don't make sense" and was way out of my league. but then again, you wanna live, you need to get out of your comfort zone, just TRY EVERYTHING (this reminds me of Shakira's song). 

along the friendship lane, there was this group of friends that i was so inspired of becoming. they are amazing people, believe me. the fact making fun of each other seemed bad at first, but it actually got them closer, helping out each other, got their backs. i mean, i never have the idea that making fun of people offensively can actually create bonding (sigh). what got me inspired? that aura and energy they released to the surroundings that make other people laughed with them. i always enjoy that, making people happy is what i always aimed for. but having the right friends to do it with you, just makes it thousand times better. everyday i pray that these bunch of friends can't never fall apart, ever. like literally nothing can't ever break this.

the million thoughts on the late late night, i really really prayed that i would still be inspired by the amazing group of friends, that i looked up to. even though the the downs part are remained hidden behind doors, but i always pray these people could bring happiness to all the people around them, get others to inspire as well, just like i did.

personal note: thanks guys. i am grateful you're also part of my life, will always be. 

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