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It's 12 oclock midnight. And here i am, sleepless. 

Just a quick update of how happy I am that my blog is completely changed! the layouts, templates and the best part, is my header! damn, it took me almost 5 hours to just create my own header to look the way i want it. and i can finally say how impressed i am for it. those photoshop classes actually paid off. 

my housemates were amazed that i have my own blog, but they weren't impressed that it's not as famous like the bloggers they knew. it did hurt my feelings a bit, but in my opinion, blogging actually make me learned a lot of new things online. like coding especially. i  may not be as pro as a real tech-coder (or whatever you call it), but being able to learn the basics all by myself, actually makes me feel good about it. how proud of myself for doing all this.

i know i am not about sharing beauty tips, fashion (i am terrible at it), or giving relationship advice, or family issues. but i like i said, i am more about telling stories and making confessions about what i am going through with my life. sure, they're not as cool as other people who went on adventures, travel the world. but, sharing my stories about what i can learn from it or what others can learn from it, is what i really aim for. i mean, if i get to travel the world, i would definitely post about it, i promised!

so that's about it, i am out of words. goodnight zzZZ

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