Zoo Volunteering (#ThrowbackThursday)

it's #ThrowbackThursday! and yes, I got a story to tell.
you know that feeling of checking off your bucket list of things to do before 30? yea, i was totally hyped about it!

on 28th February 2016, thanks to our membership in Kelab Rakan Alam Sekitar, we are practically chosen to go to Zoo Negara as volunteers! man, i remember how excited we were waiting for this day to come. we literally thought of everything to do, what to wear, and have no idea what should we even bring. anyway, we were all dressed in our class jerseys and off by bus, from 7 am and arrived at 8.30am. 

we registered, got our wrist tag on, just desperately waiting for our names to be called. we were going to meet all the animals up close, how's that not exciting! and the best thing about my part of the job, i get to photograph everything and everywhere I go. (since the zoo has the health policy of, you can't just simply come from one cage to another, cause there might be diseases that you carry with you while cleaning the cages. and yea, it's dangerous for certain animals). 

so since i wasn't involve in cleaning cages, i got to walk around the zoo all by myself, going cages by cages to look at all the animals. i was stocked to see my favorite animal, the giraffe of course! you can actually feel how tiny and short you are just standing beside it. and, do you know, the elephants actually enjoyed bath! they even do tricks while at it, it was so adorable! and you have no idea how actually tamed the carnivores were at zoo! the lions were so tamed, they actually liked being rubbed on the head! but you don't want to mess with their tigers, they're kind of "unpredictable". the zookeeper told us the tigers have their own mood-swings, there'll be time they're playful and tame, but there're times they just feel like biting your hand off. oh, and they hate bath! 

don't forget the deers, they're so funny, in my opinion. they love moving in herds, especially when they know when there's food awaiting behind the gate. they would just swarmed at you, for the food! and for a girl who never seen a camel up close, i really realized why the others were saying they're quite "slimy". it drooled a lot, especially while eating, and "poo" as soon as they just ate after (does that mean camel digest food quickly?). i didn't get to see the orang-utan up close, due to its tight security, cause' they are smart creatures. but my friends who were in charge of cleaning their cages, told us that the orang-utans are bigger than they thought! and have no toilet manners, especially there was this one orang-utan, who had terrible stomachache, and they say the smell was horrifying! they even liked to stare at people who cleaned it for them, probably knowing how honored to have their butts "wiped". 

in the end, i didn't get to see the reptile section. yea, no panda as well (too expensive, and they're too fragile to have volunteers to do work in there). i get to enjoy the view at the aquatic section tho, the penguins were just adorable! after that whole day spent at the zoo, it was actually worth it. yea, it was exhausted, but it was fun-kind-of-exhausted, feeling all adventurous. 

i wish i can tell you more, but i hope it'll give you a heads-up if you're interested in participating as volunteers! check out their websites: http://www.zoonegaramalaysia.my/volunteerprogram.html

before it all began..

wrist tags!

the best way to end the day.

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